1. Use it as a massage balm for tired joints
  2. Use as a foot spa treatment, first soak feet in a hot tub, then exfoliate, massage the melt into your feet and wrap in plastic for a deep treatment
  3. Before heading out to the gym massage the body melt into your feet following up with your socks and gym shoes. The heat from the workout will allow it to absorb more intensely into the skin leaving it so much softer
  4. Before playing outdoor sports apply onto face to protect from windburn
  5. Apply as a shaving cream for your legs to enjoy extra soft smooth pins
  6. Apply onto bites to reduce swelling and soothe itchy skin
  7. Use as an anti aging balm
  8. A great alternative for eye cream if you run out
  9. Use on your teeth for a sparkling smile that is sure to turn heads
  10. Use as a primer before makeup application
  11. Use to soothe and rehydrate the skin after a day out in the sun
  12. Mix the unfragranced body melt with a beautiful essential oil such as lavender or rose for your personal spa like healing and moisturising balm
  13. Use as a backup for beauty products that you run out of
  14. Use it as a lip balm for smooth sexy lips that look and feel amazing
  15. Before colouring your hair dab some along the edges of your hairline to protect your skin from staining
  16. Can be applied onto cuts to prevent scarring
  17. Rub generously into hands and feet before bed and cover it up with gloves and socks for a deep overnight conditioning treatment.
  18. Use to tame frizzy hair
  19. Apply to lips as a natural plumper
  20. An intense nourishing hair treatment when mixed in with your regular conditioner
  21. Can be used on a baby’s bottom to soothe sensitive skin
  22. Use under body shimmer for a stronger hold
  23. Use directly after washing dishes to protect your skin
  24. Massage into pregnant belly to help eliminate stretch marks
  25. Use on roots of fine hair to add volume
  26. Soothe irritated skin such as razor burns by applying a thin layer onto the skin
  27. Apply as a highlighted glow on your cheek bones
  28. Dab some onto your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow for a longer lasting more intense colour
  29. Apply on frostbite for an instant soothing
  30. Use as a face mask for youthful glowing skin
  31. A great way to soothe the rough, peeling and chapped areas around the nose during a cold
  32. Instead of mascara, use the melt as a natural definer for your lashes
  33. Mix with a powdered blush for a vibrant creamy colour
  34. Add some melt into your other moisturising lotions for extra moisturising benefits
  35. Mix with a little bit of blush and use as a gorgeous matte lipstick
  36. Use as a lip primer before applying lipstick for a long lasting colour
  37. Can be used to straighten bangs from stray curls or flyaways around the head
  38. Can speed up healing time if applied onto scars and burns
  39. Apply on points of skin that you apply perfume right before you spray it on for a longer lasting scent
  40. Protect skin from UV rays
  41. Put a few tablespoons into a hot bath for a luxurious hydrating soak
  42. Use as a hair styling cream
  43. Apply to ears and nose to protect from wind burn in cold weather
  44. Use on top of painted nails for an extra shiny appearance
  45. Use to groom your eyebrows
  46. Place a few drops of eucalyptus and rub into chest when you have a cold for extra comfort and as a decongestant
  47. Use as a cuticle cream for strong, healthy and shiny nails
  48. Massage into your feet right before putting on your shoes to protect from blisters.
  49. Use as a moisturising treatment on those drier areas such as your elbows, knees and feet
  50. Use as a base under moisturiser for extra hydration

What’s the Impact?
Remember that repeated and long distance high-impact cardio such as running can weaken collagen and cause sagging in the facial area. Try to stick to cycling and the elliptical machine

Yoga moves such as the Child’s Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, and Sun Salutations improve your circulation, and the extra oxygen is the reason that gives your skin that great yoga glow. One more reason to do Yoga is that research suggests yoga practice may reduce the inflammation and stress that causes faster skin aging.

Green and white tea
Started drinking green and white tea, three to five cups a day to protect your skin. Research has shown both types of tea have protective properties, such as EGCG and theaflavins, which can help prevent skin cancers and the breakdown of collagen, this is the primary cause of wrinkles.

Strength training
Strength-training, is vital, especially the older you get. The key benefits include firmer skin neck down, as well as better, more supportive muscle tone. It is the equivalent of adding volume to your skin, except on your body.

Watch that Sweet Stuff
The process of breaking down glycation, can damage your collagen, this keeps skin smooth and firm. To avoid, or limit the process from getting out of control, try to keep to low-glycemic carbs such as whole grains; these are naturally in low in sugar, and the body processes it slower to limit the loss of collagen.

Let’s face it, we all use our hands in one way or another, over time and compounded by age, we lose collagen, making our hands dry and dull.

Give your hands back the soft, glowing, nutrient rich feel that winds back the clock, by giving yourself the Wilde Organics hand treatment, all you need is:

Wilde’s phenomenal Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm – (There are two to choose from Lime and Coconut or Oud Wood.)

A Hand Buffer scrub

Cotton Gloves

– Start with the Hand Buffer scrub on your dry skin and brush away the dead skin cells until till your hands feel smooth to the touch.

– Wash the dry skin off then dab your hands dry.

– Next apply the Wilde Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm , ensuring you moisturise in between your fingers and under your nails.

– Finally slip on your soft cotton gloves.

– The following morning remove the gloves to reveal the soft and recovered hands.

Make sure to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated on the inside and continue to moisturise your hands with the Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm every day.

Keep Your Hands away from Your Face

Supermodel, Linda Evangelista, famously stated in the 90’s that she never touches her face throughout the day. Your hands touch so many unsanitary surfaces; they are a source of dirt and germs. When you rub your eyes, touch your chin, cup your cheek, you are transferred all these germs from your hands to your face.

Take Multivitamins every day

Nutrients are vital to healthy skin, including vitamins C, A and B. The best source to get all your vitamins is to eat healthily, as well as taking a supplement. Its currently recommended to include daily doses of Vitamin C, probiotics, greens such as organic Spirulina and quality omega 3 fish oils.

Choose your skincare carefully

Keep your products simple, especially if you have sensitive skin. Look for products that keep the natural barriers to the skin and support hydration. Current research stands at recommending wearing an SPF 50+ every day. SPF 50+ may only block 1% more than SPF 30+ when referring to UVB rays, (responsible for ridding or tanning of the skin). However it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deep into the dermis layer. This is where the 50+ performs higher to obtain rating given by governing bodies. UVA rays travel through clouds and windows and are mainly responsible for premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and skin cancers (refer to the Australian Cancer Council for further details).

Keep up with your diet and exercise

It is true you are what you eat, but it really is possible to eat and exercise your way to healthy skin. Make sure you’re getting plenty of foods with antioxidants. For nutritional advice, always seek information form qualified professional such as Nutritionist. Don’t forget to do your workouts. Exercise increases blood flow, this is very good for your skin. A good sweat will remove skin toxins from your body and give you a great youthful glow.

Watch out for fads

There are many popular products out there. They are fun and seen as cool, but not clinically proven, your focus should not be on what is the latest and greatest, but on what works. Don’t rush to be the first to try it, wait until it has been proven.

Once again, the Australian summer has arrived. And once again, we suffer the annual agonising conflict between good skin care versus attaining a culturally acceptable shade of tan. Unfortunately we are not here to reinforce the latter. Instead, Wilde’s Summer Kit – Lime & Coconut is here to entice you to make the right choice. You’re welcome.

Comprised of our two favourites; Practical x Nourishing Body Melt and Performing x HydratingHand Balm, you can glow your way through to Autumn feeling and smelling ace. Our Body Melt is simply two ingredients; raw organic shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil. And feel free to carry the Hand Balm around for cheeky touch ups (and also for actual hand hydration – get your head out of the gutter). To top it off, these beauties are lovingly wrapped in a gorgeous gift pack.

Now, because we are responsible and we really do adore your skin, we also want to give you some sound advice on skin care for summer:

We all know that sun exposure is bad. Wrinkles, age spots and the big C. You don’t want it. SPF50+ always and every day. No excuses.
Protective clothing, please. When used in conjunction with sunscreen, you avoid tacky tan lines too, bonus!
Hats, hats, hats.
Find shade and sit there.
Don your favourite shades and pour yourself a Pimms, summer is here!

Say No to scolding Hot Showers

Choose a temperature that’s hot, but not too hot. You wouldn’t choose to burn your skin in the sun daily, so why do it in the shower? We all love a hot shower especially in winter, but you don’t want to scold your skin. Extended, burning showers strip the skin of its moisture and wash away the protective oils. This can lead to broken capillaries, dehydration and removing your skins protective barrier. Always avoid running your face directly under the hot water of the shower, opt for a face washer so you can monitor the temperature with your hand before applying to the face. Check your skin in the mirror after your shower, if its looks bright red, blotchy and irritated it’s a sure sign you’re scolding the skin.

Apply Practical x Nourishing Body Melt Daily in conjunction before or after your shower. Smoothing Practical x Nourishing Body Melt creates a barrier of raw concentrated goodness over the skin, protecting, hydrating and healing your skin while showering.

Cook With Garlic

A 1996 study found that skin cells grown in a culture dish who are treated with garlic had seven times the lifespan of cells in a standard culture. They also looked healthier and more youthful. Also, garlic inhibits the growth of cancerous skin cells.

Consume daily amounts of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for repairing collagen, helping to keep the skin smooth and youthful. Vitamin C, can be obtained cheaply as a supplement and also in other foods you may also want to include guava, kiwi fruit and red peppers.

Exfoliate a couple times a week

Turn your Body Melt into the best exfoliator by mixing it with fine Himalayan sea salt, brown sugar or bicarb soda and massaging all over in a circular motion. Not only will this exfoliate but it will deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. Remember to not over scrub the skin, and its recommended to exfoliate at night to give the skin time to renew its protective layer before to daily elements.

Cleansing your skin is a non-negotiable on that endless to do list, so no excuses! This is a fundamental aspect of skincare since every day oil and pollutants clog pores, causing breakouts and inflammation. Our all-time besties, blegh. AVOID soaps and chemical solutions. They destroy our skin, ruin the pH balance and create inflammation. But never fear, our Practical x Nourishing Body Melt – Un-Fragranced will save the day! Comprised of raw Shea and organic cold pressed coconut oil, our superhero is here (and he’s a heart throb)! Find out more at http://wildeskincare.com.au/

Tribe, get sipping! A good benchmark is 1.5L or more cups a day. When that gets bland, chop up some yummy bits and bobs and add. We’re talking cucumber and rosemary, blueberries and strawberries or lime and mint! We can’t solve all your life issues, but plump hydrated skin is where we step in!

A classic H2O addition is a slice of lime, a delicious detoxifier. Just another reason why we use it as an ingredient in our Performing x Hydrating Hand Balm – Lime and Coconut. The combo of this bad boy coupled with plenty of hydration is the only way to keep you looking and feeling hydrated, inside and out.

Find out more at http://wildeskincare.com.au/

As if being stressed wasn’t rubbish enough already, the polls are in! Everyone can tell you’re stressed! Great news, huh? This is because we get awesome acne breakouts along with other skin sensitivities which are a dead giveaway.

So, first and foremost, life is for LIVING.

And with this profound advice, we now recommend our Performing x Hydrating Hand Balm – Lime & Coconut. How easy is that? Breathe in deep and picture pina coladas and palms.

Find out more at http://wildeskincare.com.au/